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Kiseki no Sedai + The Ancient Science of Cards
↳ The the 52-Card deck eludes our concept of mystery and wonder because no matter what language is spoken, or what part of the world in which you live, playing Cards are as familiar as the moon is to the sky. But what if there is more to the Cards than just mere games of chance? What if their true purpose was to leave nothing to chance? What if their simple and well-preserved design was a language of symbols passed down through the centuries, preserved and concealed as the worlds greatest past time? Inspirations[x] [x]

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What is this? What is this stance?
Not even you can block that shot, Murasakibara.

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Midorima or Akashi? | I’m sorry Midorin, but I’ll go with Akashi this time (س˘ཀ˘)س 

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I won’t let go of what we had. ‘Cause I’m a broken record that keeps on skipping back.

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Now that you’re living with the vampires, you’d better get yourself a gun.

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more blood icons for your shipping needs!
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